We do not have a process currently for evaluating whether a journal meets FairOA principles, but here are some journals that publish psychology and do not have APCs (which is not just a waiver in the first years, although that is very hard to guarantee).

  • Judgment and Decision Making (Society for Judgment and Decision Making (SJDM) and the European Association for Decision Making)
  • J Numerical Cognition (PsychOpen.eu)
  • J Social and Political Psychology (PsychOpen.eu)
  • Meta-psychology (Linnaeus University Press; OSF), on twitter

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  • Some journals, such as the Journal of Eye Movement Research, have a fee but waive it for some or all authors who cannot pay. However, Fair Open Access is about promulgating funding models for which authors never need pay.
  • Most people associate open access closely with APCs – journals charging a fee. However, thousands of open access journals do not charge a fee (see DOAJ) – although most do not publish psychological science.